Critical Mass


  • Easy to grow
  • Eases your mind and psychical aches
  • Contains high CBD and THC

Critical Mass is a marijuana strain with a loyal following of devoted consumers, especially when it comes to medical marijuana patients. Critical Mass is particularly known for having high

About Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a marijuana strain with a loyal following of devoted consumers, especially when it comes to medical marijuana patients. Critical Mass is particularly known for having high levels of CBD, making it an excellent choice for those who want to relieve their symptoms and still be able to function.

Additionally, Critical Mass is popular amongst growers because of its hardiness. It is a consistent plant that doesn’t take much extra effort to grow successfully, and on top of that it even ends up with a high yield! Its name, “Critical Mass,” is perhaps best explained when you are actually growing the plant. The buds have an exceedingly high “critical mass,” meaning they are extremely dense and heavy.

Critical Mass is bred by multiple breeders. It is mostly Indica (80%), but there is a Sativa presence (20%) as well. Critical Mass weed has a very high CBD percentage, but its THC is also fairly high (at around 22%). These high levels are a big part of the reason why Critical Mass is so beloved — it’s got a strong punch to do away with your aches and pains, your stress and your worries.

Growing Critical Mass

As mentioned above, Critical Mass marijuana plants are generally quite easy to grow and end up with a high yield almost regardless of how you treat them. They can turn into pretty big plants, but they are best known for their shockingly huge, heavy buds, which can actually sometimes lead to issues because the weight of these buds can actually break their branches sometimes. What a wonderful problem to have!

You can expect about 14 ounces of weed per square meter of plant when you’re growing indoors. When you’re growing outdoors, you will likely get a whopping 17 ounces of marijuana per plant. We weren’t joking when we said that growing this strain is easy and productive.

The only potential problem you’ll run into is the weight of those giant buds. Keep your eyes open and your senses sharp, because the branches may need some external support to keep from snapping.

The flowering time for indoor Critical Mass plants is 8 to 9 weeks. Outdoor plants thrive in a climate similar to one you’d find in the Mediterranean, so make sure to keep your plants away from frost if possible. The harvest for outdoor plants should generally take place in the middle of September.


Origin of Critical Mass Strain

Critical Mass comes from the cross-breeding of the Afghani and Skunk #1 strains. The Afghani strain is an Indica, and Skunk #1 is known for its strength and potency, making for a powerful final product fittingly named Critical Mass. It is often compared to the strain called Big Bud (a Mr. Nice Seeds creation), but it is now known in and of itself for its strong, heavy-duty indica effects.


Effects of Critical Mass Strain

Critical Mass is known for its reliability in relaxing the user. If you want to chill out in the evening while not necessarily having a massive couch lock, Critical Mass is an excellent choice. It relaxes your whole body, so don’t have plans to do anything strenuous afterward (such as operating heavy machinery).

Smoking Critical Mass will make those pesky negative thoughts and feelings float away, leaving a relaxed and happy you. If a large amount is smoked you will likely start to feel sleepy — many people choose to smoke it in the evening shortly before bed for that reason.

Critical Mass’ effects are body-focused rather than brain-centered but don’t be surprised if you end up in bouts of giggles and just generally feel euphoric and happy. There’s a reason it’s so popular for tons of people.

Adverse Reactions

Of course, along with the good must come a bit of bad. The most common negative side effect of smoking Critical Mass is dry mouth. Beyond that, negative effects are uncommon or even rare, although some have reported dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia, or dizziness. It is a small price to pay to have a natural way of easing your worries and stress, of course.

Dehydration is also possible (which is tied to the dry mouth). Since you already know this going in, however, you simply should come prepared with a bottle of water or other hydrating drink ready to go, and you’ll find that it is not much of a problem to put up with.


Medical Uses for Critical Mass Strain

Critical Mass works wonders for medical patients suffering from pain, mood disorders, or insomnia. Most prominently, it relieves pain very effectively. Next, best is its ability to help out with stress and symptoms that come with chronic stress (such as tight muscles and mood disorders). People who have trouble sleeping (whether it is connected to stress or not) will find that Critical Mass helps them quite a bit.

Other mood disorders such as depression can be relieved with Critical Mass as well as inflammation. As always, consult your doctor before self-medicating.

In summary, the following conditions can be helped by using Critical Mass:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Other mood disorders
  • Inflammation


Taste and Aroma of Critical Mass Strain

Critical Mass is known for a skunky, citrus, and sweet combination of fragrances. Often people detect the specific scent of honey as well. A certain amount of earthiness is also included in the mix, making for a delightful and refreshing combination of scents. It is invigorating and energizing — and that’s just the smell!

The taste of Critical Mass includes more sweetness than the aroma. Imagine everything sweet you know and love: honey, fruit, sugar, cookies, and so on — all of that is mixed into one delightful flavor when you smoke Critical Mass. When you inhale, you’ll get a more citrus and skunky side of it, but when you exhale you will detect that sweetness mixed in with a certain earthy quality. Very few people claim to dislike the taste and aroma of Critical Mass.


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